Time of the game and team of the games!Edit


City hall workers ; working for the mayor!

Janitor ;clean the towns!

Ride operator ; control the ride!


The robine

The soldier of the down! protect our towns and save the mayor!

Level ;


Intern ; become soldiers low rank with melee! no weapons (If, you want buy the gamepass!)

Level-1 ; The level-1 soldiers become checkers units , border patrol and protects our city/towns!

Level-2 ; The level-2 personnel, become level-2 with ........... Pistol! can use mode auto!


Level-3 ; become small mid rank! protect our teams if, you become this level! you have breached tools you can breachced citizen house and take weapons out!

Level-4 ; The level-4 become the mid rank normal! this level you have MP7 (If, you join division you will have more... tools!)

Level-5 ; become the Highers of Mid rank! you coming here to give order LRS!


Mayor ; The mayor teams! become the city leader, control city announcement, lockdown and lottery! (Lottery you need 1000+ to doing!)


Ensign ; Highers rank than level-5! can do the trainning!

somethings ; can give order ensign! and you can be leader of division can do meeting and level-up event!

Captain ; you can, doing the event of server or begin purse!


Generals ; Generals rank! the SRs of the robine! become the superadmin in downtown-rp become head of mayor / mayor leaders!

Viceroy ; Beome co-owner / co-creator of the robines!

Autachs ; become owner of the robines!!!

Site Director

Site-owner / Autachs


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